How to Move Electronics

Atlas can move all your electronic equipment including PCs and components, big screen TVs, surround sound systems, DVDs, and stereo components. However, we recommend using a qualified third-party service to properly prepare a Plasma TV for transport. Consult your owner’s manual for specific instructions on your model.


The above items are extremely fragile and subject to scratches. To provide extra protection, your Atlas representative will recommend the use of a special packing material called micro foam. The small additional cost for this material is well worth it to ensure that these expensive items do not sustain any damage during the move.

The preferred way to move electronic components is in their original carton with the original packing materials. If you don’t have the original cartons, Atlas can pack them in standard boxes that best fit the item and secure them with bubble wrap, paper padding or Styrofoam for an extra charge.

Here are a few things that should be done before moving your electronics:

  • Before moving computer components, park the hard drive and back up all software (newer models may not require “parking”).
  • Disconnect all wiring and cables before the movers arrive.
  • Draw a simple diagram or color-code wires before disconnecting to make reconnecting much simpler.
  • Keep all components together and their boxes clearly labelled.
  • Pack all wires and cables with their corresponding electronic unit.
  • Small or loose accessories, like remote controls, should be packed with each component or placed in the designated “PARTS BOX.” Indicate this on the inventory list so small parts are not misplaced.
  • Complete a list of all electronic components and computer equipment serial numbers prior to moving day and submit the list to your homeowner’s insurance company.
  • Movers are not permitted to take down TV antennas or satellite dishes, but we can make the arrangements to have this done for an extra cost.

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